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Just dropping by and saying hi.

Summer is here and weather is getting warmer these days - just slightly cooler than Malaysia I imagine. That being said, the air here is not nearly as stuffy as S.E.A.

Just wondering if I should get a fan - but then again, there's only less than 2 months left in summer so that probably wouldn't be a good investment. I guess I'll just get out of house when it gets too warm.

Been trying to cook more since I have lots of free time. Managed to find some pandan leaves in the local T&T supermarket (Awesome, was not expecting that) although the typo in naming is bordering on blasphemy (it shows the same thing on the receipt). They do smell nice though.

Anyway that's all for now folks. Signing off.

p/s: Flowa powa!!!!

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Durian Pengat



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Doomz day!


Dust on lens (click to enlarge!!)